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About Us

Gdynia Entrepreneurship Support Centre is part of the “Enterprising Gdynia” programme, implemented in the city since 2001. The Centre commenced its activities, as a unit of the City Hall of Gdynia, on 5 February 2007 in the registered office located at 141 Świętojańska St. and as of 26 October 2010 it has been operating in a new location, in Gdynia at 24 10th Lutego St.

The programme “Enterprising Gdynia” in an innovative and diverse way promotes entrepreneurship among the residents of Gdynia. An example of such approach towards entrepreneurship promotion is foundation of Gdynia Entrepreneurship Support Centre (Gdyńskie Centrum Wspierania Przedsiębiorczości – GCPW) where persons who want to take up business activities may receive practical information regarding registration procedures as well as obtain knowledge about sources of financing from business support institutions and European Union.
The initiatives taken under the programme “Enterprising Gdynia” are aimed at: 

  • increasing competitiveness of Gdynia’s economy by way of development of SME sector which is one of the major driving forces of economic growth;
  • supporting economic activity of local business; 
  • promoting the idea of setting up own business – including among people with disabilities;
  • mobilizing local labour market and preventing unemployment;
  • supporting development of innovative companies;
  • promotion of the qualities of the City of Gdynia addressed to external investors. 

Under the programme “Enterprising Gdynia” – in addition to Gdynia Entrepreneurship Support Centre – there are other initiatives functioning such as, among others: Pomeranian Science and Technology Park along with Entrepreneurship Incubator, Pomeranian Campus of Professions (Pomorskie Miasteczko Zawodów) attached to Economic Foundation, Gdynia Job Fair (organized in collaboration with District Employment Office, Poland-wide competition “Gdynia’s Business Plan”, International Economic Forum – held annually, as well as numerous congresses, seminars, trainings, publications, etc.

Gdynia Entrepreneurship Support Centre under implementation of the programme “Enterprising Gdynia” collaborates with numerous business support institutions – including the following ones on a permanent basis:

  • District Employment Office
  • Economic Foundation
  • Pomeranian Science and Technology Park
  • Pomerania Development Agency (Agencja Rozwoju Pomorza S.A.)
  • Pomeranian Regional Loan Guarantee Fund (Pomorski Regionalny Fundusz Poręczeń Kredytowych Spółka z o.o.)
  • Pomeranian Loan Fund (Pomorski Fundusz Pożyczkowy Spółka z o.o)
  • Gdynia Development Agency (Agencja Rozwoju Gdyni Spółka z o.o.)
  • Pomeranian Regional Chamber of Commerce (Regionalna Izba Gospodarcza Pomorza)

Gdynia Entrepreneurship Support Centre carries out activities aimed at establishing contacts with institutions and organizations specializing in conducting trainings for the unemployed (in order for unemployed persons to obtain new professional competencies) as well as trainings for persons who want to start business activities or already carry out business activities. Training programmes focus both on the issues regarding running own business as well as on how to write a business plan or complete applications for subsidies from the funds of European Union.

Trainings are conducted by high quality specialists and coaches.

Interest in the subject of entrepreneurship steadily grows, similarly as the demand for reliable information and consultancy in the scope of procedures regarding setting up business activities and obtaining funds for “start-up”. 

The offer of Gdynia Entrepreneurship Support Centre meets the needs and expectations of entrepreneurs both in respect of factual knowledge (credible and reliable information) as well as functional realm (possibility of running multiple errands in one place). What is most important – the offer of Gdynia Entrepreneurship Support Centre is free and addressed to all the residents of Gdynia. Among the clients of Gdynia Entrepreneurship Support Centre persons with disabilities enjoy special position, because here they can find series of support instruments – from substantive assistance with respect to completing formalities to advisory services.


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