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Pomeranian Campus of Professions

Pomeranian Campus of Professions (Pomorskie Miasteczko Zawodów

Pomeranian Campus of Professions is an innovative initiative whose objective is to offer free assistance to the residents of Gdynia and Pomorskie Voivodeship – unemployed, graduates, persons looking for a job, persons who want to obtain new qualifications or start own business activities.

Partners of the City Hall of Gdynia in implementation of the tasks of Pomeranian Campus of Professions (PCP):

  • Ministry of Economy, Labour and Social Policy in Warsaw, 
  • State Employment Office in Warsaw,
  • District Employment Office in Gdynia,
  • Economic Foundation w Gdynia – operator of PCP, 
  • local companies.

Tasks executed under the project Pomeranian Campus of Professions: 

  • support in taking professional decisions by providing latest information about professions and labour market, 
  • diagnosis of professional predispositions, 
  • development of individual entrepreneurship, 
  • participation in international cooperation programmes, 
  • trainings and workshops for persons starting business activities, 
  • workshops in occupational activation and entrepreneurship, 
  • essential computer skills, 
  • economic and legal consultancy for small- and medium-sized enterprises, 
  • maintaining economic information centre, 
  • maintaining centre of information about governmental support programmes for small- and medium-sized enterprises, 
  • cyclical organization of job fairs.

Pomeranian Campus of Professions is compliant with the programme of Gdynia’s local government “Enterprising Gdynia” which aims at supporting economic activity and preventing unemployment by activation of local labour market and encouraging to set up own businesses. 

 In its activities Pomeranian Campus of Professions follows European requirements for operations of such institutions: universality, multiple subjects, usefulness, partnership, services oriented towards needs of a user, free access.

Pomeranian Campus of Professions employs the best specialists and applies state of the art training methods. Base of the Campus are the facilities belonging to the City of Gdynia, equipped with necessary computer infrastructure, software as well as information and training materials.

Free trainings and workshops include the following subjects: 

  • Entrepreneurship and occupational activation for unemployed persons,
  • Entrepreneurship and occupational activation for school-age youth, 
  • Essential computer skills, 
  • Setting up and running business activities.

The campus gives unemployed persons, graduates or students of secondary schools the opportunity to explore their professional predispositions as well as receive help with taking decisions regarding choice of profession.

It is possible to launch other trainings for interested groups and for employers.


Gdynia ul. Olimpijska 2
tel. 58 622 20 52, 58 622 95 43


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