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Summary of the International Conference in Gdynia

The City of Gdynia hosted the international public conference on mobility issues organized within the EU co-financed project “Labour market dynamics and attractive business environments in the South Baltic Region”. The local and regional labour markets of the South Baltic region face development challenges and have to undertake steps to fight unemployment, outflow of qualified labour force and thus enhance the competitiveness of the economy. Nine partners from Poland, Lithuania and Germany tackled these challenges.

The Conference Mobility in the sectors of health and wellness, maritime tourism and maritime economy in the South Baltic labour markets was mainly directed to employers and analysed the perspectives, development trends and barriers for labour mobility within the three sectors of economy.


Abstracts and panel discussion conclusions 

Labour Market Dynamics and Attractive Business Environments in the South Baltic Region (SB PROFESSIONALS)

Health Care Tourism and Wellness Panel

Health Care Tourism and Wellness, Labour demand study, Results – J. Piekutowski
The impact of medical tourism on employment in the medical sector and the tourism industry – M.Rutkowska
The demand for professional human resources in terms of the development of medical tourism in Poland – J. Rab-Przybyłowicz
The prospects for the development of the medical and health services sector in the context of medical tourism – J. Rozwadowski
Case Study: Kuracyjny Hotel in Gdynia – A. Sokołowski
Modern solutions in medical care – J. Feret

Maritime Tourism Panel 

An analysis of the future demand for labour force in the maritime tourism industry – I. Urbanyi
Trends in the development of maritime tourism in the Baltic Sea – ferry and cruise tourism: implications for the Pomeranian Voivodeship – I. Urbanyi
The development of ferry tourism vs. demand for qualified employees from the tourism sector illustrated with the example of Stena Line – M. Zborowski
Maritime tourism development prospects as illustrated by the example of the project entitled “The Westpomeranian Sailing Trail – a Network of Tourism Ports in West Pomerania” – E. Mitura
The development of maritime tourism in the Pomorskie Voivodeship in respect of the Pomorskie Voivodeship Development Strategy 2020 – T. Studzieniecki

Maritime Economy Panel

Future demand for labour force in maritime economy of the South Baltic Region – D. Bernacki
The maritime economy – change trends and challenges for the labour market – S. Szultka
Mobility on the labour market in the maritime economy, illustrated by the example of seamen – W. Perchel
The development of the shipbuilding industry vs. the demand for a qualified labour force as illustrated by the example of the CRIST S.A. Shipyard – Z. Bahyrycz


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