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Useful links

Websites of institutions that may help persons starting or already running business activities.

• Search engine for bodies and institutions (find on the Internet)
• Electronic Platform of Public Administration Services (ePUAP) 
(find on the Internet)  
• Central Registration and Information on Business  (fing in the Internet)
• National Court Register (find on the Internet)
• Check REGON number on the website of Statistical Office (find on the Internet)
• Check the address in TERYT base (find on the Internet)
• Search PKD 2007 codes (find on the Internet)
• When and how to insure? (find on the Internet)
• What taxation form to select? (find on the Internet)
• National Tax Information (Krajowa Informacja Podatkowa(find on the Internet)
• Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (find on the Internet)
• National Labour Inspectorate  (find on the Internet)
• Chief Sanitary Inspector (find on the Internet)
• Searching for companies based on PKD, NIP and REGON numbers (find on the Internet)
•  Central Database of Administrative Court Rulings (Centralna Baza Orzeczeń Sądów Administracyjnych  (find on the Internet) 
• Patent Office of the Republic of Poland (find on the Internet)
• National Certification Centre (find on the Internet)
• Electronic Service Platform of Social Insurance Institution(find on the Internet)



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